This fandom hosts a truly incredible amount of fan fiction. Unlike Harry Potter and Doctor Who, whose fan-fiction quantity mirrors its popularity, The Merlin community creates massively more fan fiction than would normally be expected for a historical fiction drama-comedy. This means that the list of incredible fan fiction is going to be much longer (and much better)

This is by far my favorite fandom. Not only because I have a freakish and time consuming love of Arthurian Legend, Or because every character in this show is heartstoppingly gorgeous, or because there is simply so much awesome crammed within this show…. but because the fandom is so… lovely.

This fandom seriously has the kindest most enthusiastic fans I have ever encountered.

Case and point:

Anyway, enough rambling…. :

          Arthur Merlin

Basically, they are my true true OTP for all time. I don’t even know if I can express how much I love them together. The whole two sides of one coin thing matched beautifully by the fact that they are opposites in nearly everything. I don’t know, its just so pleasing. Then there’s the fact that this pairing is basically (Tv) Cannon and at least Bradley James, if not Colin too ships it with us. Like Bradley will seriously not shut up about how Arthur has all these feels about Merlin. It is the only thing he talks about in interviews when he’s not talking about all his feels for Colin…. *looks shifty* But anyway, this pairing is enjoyable for about 5 different reasons.

1: The “Destiny Factor”. It is so damn appealing that there two were literally made for each other. One cannot exist without the other and its so perfect and well balanced that is actually makes me feel all peaceful in side just thinking about it. Like everything is going to be okay. The people of Camelot must have felt very safe and happy during Arthur’s rule.
2: They look really good next to each other: Arthur’s brawny golden musculature perfectly compliments Merlin’s darkness and fairness. Almost like the sun and moon. Though I’m not going to wax poetic about it anymore because we don’t have all day.
3. The impossibleness of their relationship: There’s Gwen, the fact that Arthur has to have heirs, Uthur breathing down their necks, and the fact that Merlin is a freakin sorcerer make for some pretty tough obstacles and thus some pretty passionate storylines.
4: Who should top or Bottom: I kind of have this thing where I like seeing the person who everyone thinks is going to be a bottom be a top instead. So…. er…. I like Top!Merlin fic a lot. Arthur topping doesn’t bother me. In fact, most of the fic in this section is Top!Arthur, but there is something so sweet and good about Merlin tending to him  lovingly. Or making it so Arthur can just let go and feel like he doesn’t have to be burdened with responsibility for a moment. Or more experienced!Merlin teaching Arthur things because Arthur has had to stay chaste to not make bastards. Ugh, its just so good.
5. The Hurt/Comfort fics. There is some serious fucking opportunity for h/c fics in this fandom. Arthur being all damaged/tired from battle and Merlin patching him up. Merlin getting harassed by nobles and Arthur defending his honor,  both of them beaten and broken in a dungeon of their enemies…. it can go so many ways and you’ll have so much feels. perfect characterization. This writer is really talented this fic is everything that the fandom is about. Simply Wonderful. Every little emotion is perfect. hilarious. Seriously. Arthur, metal fetish. Bath hug. Pathetic!Arthur Dramatic beautiful PG cuddles romantic Romantic. ( Royal, lilac robes. Three tasks) So so good, So so funny. <3 hugs. Funny and cute! Whoa, Arthur. Down, boy merlin solo. rec-list! New reclist! Looks promising. Check it out. King Arthur,, Royal Sorcerer Merlin Prep-school AU. Holy fucking shit hot. And kinda cute. Bottom!Arthur, sexy fun, sweet, hot. Bottom!Arthur Rec-list sweet. Hilarious! Uther involved. AU Super sweet. <3 First Time!Arthur. Very good. a beautiful story. Arthur/Merlin, Uther wonderful wonderful unexplored reclist. Unexplored rec-list Master List of rec-lists A fucking awesome rec-list Very very very hot. merlinxarthur<- hottest wank fic ever. Unbelievably palatable AU Rated G sweetness Arthur merlin- intense, also PG Sweet. Also PG. Also sweet but Nc17 Hillarious, but scortchingly sexy. ← sad/sweet hot ( “ Like a god”) Resaonably decent AU ← incredibly touching Arthur apology ← rec list Arthur merlin ← rec ← Rec list ← Delicious Jealousy ← rec list ← funny first time ← bruises. Sweet

http://derryere.livejournal.comfa/125553.html ← rec list ← rape fic sad, but epic. * unfinished(43/46) Copy paste into ← rec list poly list. EXPLORE! modern AU funny! very dramatic AU. Romantic. Pasionate very very sweet. holy fucking christ, hot. Epic romance. Fighting, fucking and honor. oh my god hillarious. Clysterfuck. smokin hot AU roasting. And detailed. brutal bottom!arthur beautiful romantic short. tears short. Soooooooo good. sad. Beautiful. awwww <3 PG Brutal Sad too cute. heartrendingly sweet. epic. Kind of like the summer court. hot. Mean!arthur Crying!Arthur beautiful “ death of Arthur” fic. teeth kink love potion. Less stupid than it sounds, I promise! So fucking beautiful. Ronin Prince Nearly PWP fucking romatic and brutal Established relationship deliciousness. Druid tattoos. <3 funny sweet PG-13 adorable future fic. With Arthur and Gwen married. <3 uther involved. an incredibly romantic modern AU rec list. Everything that is wonderful. passionate AU a rediculoulsy adorable “brothers” AU passionate Incredeible m agic reveal story colorblind. Stunning modern AU. Children involved. PG adorable. Fighting for his honor


This is the OTP for the show and the original texts. The story is that Arthur falls in love with Gwen, then Gwen cheats on him with Lancelot. This, of course generates lots of Gwen-hatred because the Arthur is seriously an awesome guy. In the show, however, they avert some of that Gwen hatred by making gwen the sweetest kindest most wonderous lady in the whole show. And by banishing Lancelot. <- this helps a lot.

Anyway, this pairing is kind of rare, as the bond between Arthur and Merlin is so tangible that Arthur and Gwen’s budding romance is left behind in the dust. I, on the other hand, find their coupling to be rather sweet and innocent and really love coming across good Gwen/Arthur.  Enjoy! *blushes* slave trade rescue sexy and fun, funny Awesome Morning Sex. sweet. horseback handjob. hilarious. Gawain, merlin involved. sweet. Morning sex. PWP oh my gosh modern AU. <3 unfinished romantic lovely horny Gwen. beautiful. Romantic. Hot. strained difficult romance. Bradley Angel holy fucking hell. Brad and angel haha. Drunk Angel bradley/angel fluff


Due to the very nature of their relationships, this pairing cannot be ignored.Arthur and Gwen are fated to marry, yet Arthur and Merlin are two sides of the same coin. Utterly romantic, and completely chosen by destiny, these three come together in a rush of passion and sweetness lorded by Arthur’s possessive nature, Gwen’s undying kindness and Merlin’s endless faith. best story for this pairing so far. hot. Funny. sweet. <3 destiny…. PG. After uther’s death


This is just for sweetness sake. In the very beginning of the series, you could totally tell our Gwen had the hots for Merlin. Which developed into a puppy love thing, which was sealed with an awkward kiss…never  to be mentioned again. :(

Now I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed all that fluff. They make a cute couple. Plus, there is the whole (very likely) scenario that is that Arthur would get the two of them married off so he can have access to both of their beds uninhibited. Because we all know how greedy our little prince is…. one of the best I;ve read for this pairing. funny cute! time travel beautiful. abrupt. Brutal. cute AND hot. <3 cute kissing. kind and calm PWP beautiful bitter. hilarious crask!fic PG cute! more cute. romantic. Short. R. heart breakingly sad. Yay! Happy cute kisses in morgana’s room! PG. Sad. Future camelot fic. incredibly romantic Must return to this one. Crazy Good. Essay. sweet/romance lovely horny Gwen all full of desitiny and magic secret Arthur involved. Future married fic. Fucking explosive.

          Arthur, Merlin, Gawain

Say it with me ” There is nothing better than threesomes”. This is the perfect threesome. Basically half of these are just Arthur Merlin and Gawain rolling about in the woods being super fucking randy. Its great. Unrequited. Gawain watches. Bottom!Arthur Arthur merlin + gawain < very hot very funny modern AU ← sweet PG ← incredible holy fucking christ PWP modern AU gorgeous with Arthur sick +watching. hot PWP more PWP PG bed sharing hillarious.

          Merlin/Gawain (Or other knights)

There is this whole… *ahem* …. idea… in this fandom…that merlin is a huge… slut.

All of these fics are related to that is some way or another. Shameful fun, you know.  … *scuttles away* PWP merlin gawain lancelot. PWP AU hahaha awkward! ← incredibly hot ← teaching the knights. filthy more filth arthur watching! romantic cute! sad gawain introspective well written. modern AU really perfect. Emotional. unfinished, but still great/cute/cliffhangery long ( novella) but good. unread read! bedshring funny! group fuck really really fucking good modern AU. group knights soooooooooooooo hot. Unfinished. gawain. Cumtasting. Cute. beautiful. Arthur/merlin knights/ part of a series. Merlin percival. Holy fucking shit, so hot.


Unlike the Merlin orgy fics, the Arthur orgy fics are much deeper. These knights are a combination of knights his father appointed and knights he appointed. These men have raised him, and taught him. Trained him and punished him. Pushed him past his own barriers and held him as he cried. These are the people Arthur will lead into battle, those who he trusts above all (excluding merlin, of course). Basically being with them is like being in a big sexy frat house that instead of being filled with gross jocks and fist pumpers, is home to buff, metal wielding warriors. Yum. an incredibly poingnant tale gawain lancelot Arthur gawain ← rec list really really good cursed group sex. arthur/leon. Hurt/comfort Arthur/leon tutelage age disparity! Arthur leon, before merlin hilarious, Gwen involved. hot leon gangbang. Leon central


This basically takes the above and adds Arthur’s new paramour to the mix. More shameful fun. Merlin/Arthur?Knights ~dear christ this is incredible. short and hot. ← rec list ← poly rec-list ← rec list (crazy intense) ← hillarious very very hot. *with gwen! Leon/lancelot/gawain hot and funny. loen fandom Arthur/merlin/leon. Hurt/comfort sex. Arthur Merlin/leon River hot. Oh my glob, waay too hot. Arthur Leon OMGTENSION Arthur Leon Hurt/Comfort Quick Arthur/Leon PWP oh my blob. Powderpuff.


          Weird Pairings:

Merlin/uther: non-con. surprisingly good. Slowly turning into Arthur/Merlin Keep checking up on this one. Unfinished.


Arthur/Gawain funny Modern Au sweet brutal romantic AU

uther watchinggwen/arthur/merlin:



Okay. This is a rare situation because usually, I don’t like real people fic, But seriously Bradders and Col. They are basically dating in real life. Bradley won’t shut up about how much he loves Colin and if Colin is nearby when its happening he gets all blushy and weird. So, this is totally not awkward or reaching at all. rimming! First time. bradley colin/ sweetest fic ever pg/ ← beautiful Colin/Bradly kissing/rain colin underappreciates himself. Bradley fixes it. don’t go to strangers awww. Groping. hot spider bath sweet Eiiii. Too touching. <3 funny hot. hilarious confession fic. Dirty talk in an alley Soooo hot.


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